Ida Thunström was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1979. She holds a BA in Art History and Philosophy from the University of Lund, and a degree in Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Her primary mode of expression is drawing, mainly in charcoal, which she intermingles with photographs and fragments of texts. Ida Thunström works with the same pieces over and over again, giving them new forms and meanings. Her work is in a perpetual state of change, a continuous interaction between the pictures and their new surroundings. Texts, pictures and photographs from recurring symbols, found throughout her artistry. Her work is founded on a great interest in the materials she uses, coupled with an intellectual approach and playful curiosity.


Recent projects and exhibitions -2018 Solo exhibition IFÖ Art Center, Bromölla, Sweden -2017 Solo exhibition Galleri Sagoy, Malmö, Sweden -2017 Group exhibition Husby Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden -2016 Solo exhibition Galleri Tegen2, Stockholm -2016 Represented at Artists Books' exhibition, Lund Art Gallery, Sweden -2016 Solo exhibition Galleri Sagoy, Malmö -2016 Solo exhibition Cultural Center PAROBROD, Belgrade, Serbia -2015 Represented at Artists Books' Biennal, Husby Art Gallery, Stockholm -2015 Solo exhibition Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden -2015 Solo exhibition Galleri Studio Abate, Rome, Italy -2014 Solo exhibition Galleri Butcher, Malmö -2014 Solo exhibition Galleri Konstapoteket, Stockholm -2014 Solo exhibition Galleri Lilith Waltenberg, Malmö -2013 Participating in group-project "Freakshow", Project Formalin, Malmö -2013 Photography and Poetry-project at the Rainbowfestival, Malmö -2012 Tsarino Residency, 'Art in post-public space', Bulgaria -2012 Walldrawing, Fukui Camera Repair, Fukui, Japan
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Ida Thunström