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“So let us then call the violent movement beyond the walls as an agitation and non-grey. The word raptured works for me. For I experience an existential movement. The way pictures are cut and mounted in new combinations across the walls is not arbitrary. The way colours explosively make traces on the wall is not coincidental. For every stain and combination, I trace the body. It is an existential matter, unusually filled with emotions, and by that I mean what skin and hand feels from a rough surface and the strong feeling that arises, as the eyes follow, try to follow, the images welling forth like a text newly invented. The parallel to the explosive force of music reappears. To Ida art is sharp fragments that cut into the surrounding world’s system of thought, she conquers, changes and sabotages. The approach reminds me of the words of the poet Johan Jönsson: ‘To make poetry / in hostile language’.” /Thomas Millroth 2015, writer and art critic

Gallery Studio Abate, 
Rome Italy 2015