Peeling Off The Skin, Like Paper    

“Ida Thunströms new works take departure in the skin as psychological metaphor. As a fragile border between identity and the world outside – a memorymap, imprints and traces left by time, in layer upon layer, where also the common: shaky now, and all the layers of the past are made visible, in holes, rips and cracks. A wounded exposion that might be all about conquer the fear to loose control over the borders: the self, identity, order – as well as the nations- borders. A collective experience deeply rooted in the human psyche.” Gunilla Sköld-Feiler, artist and gallerist

Artist and musician Dror Feiler used the big canvases as  score fort a short performance on the opening evening of the exhibition.

Galleri Tegen2, 
Stockholm Sweden 2016