Selected projects and exhibitions  // 2022 Solo Exhibition Gallery Sagoy, Malmö/ 2021 Tsunami of Voices, reading at World Pride, Malmö/ 2021 Reading at Gallery Sagoy / 2020 Solo Exhibition Gallery Sagoy / 2019 Reading at Polet, Belgrade / 2019 participating in Erotikafton, Malmö / 2019 Participating in Dev9t cultural festival, Belgrade / 2019 Solo Exhibition Gallery Sagoy, Malmö /2018 Group Exhibition Supernova, Berlin /2018 Group Exhibition MailArt OnceIWasABakery, Leipzig / 2018 Solo Exhibition IFÖ Art Center, Bromölla / 2017 Solo Exhibition Galleri Sagoy / 2017 Group Exhibition Husby Art Gallery, Stockholm / 2016 Solo Exhibition Galleri Tegen2, Stockholm / 2016 Represented at Artists Books’ Exhibition, Lund Art Gallery / 2016 Solo Exhibition Galleri Sagoy / 2016  Solo Exhibition Cultural Center PAROBROD, Belgrade / 2015  Represented at Artists Books’ Biennal, Husby Art Gallery, Stockholm / 2015 Solo Exhibition Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg / 2015  Solo Exhibition Galleri Studio Abate, Rome / 2014 Solo Exhibition Galleri Butcher, Malmö / 2014 Solo Exhibition Galleri Konstapoteket, Stockholm / 2014  Solo Exhibition Galleri Lilith Waltenberg, Malmö / 2013 Participating in group-project Freakshow, Project Formalin, Malmö / 2013  Photography and poetry-project at the Rainbowfestival, Malmö / 2012 Tsarino Residency, ‘Art in post-public space’, Bulgaria / 2012 Walldrawing, Fukui Camera Repair, Fukui //

Press/reviews * Galleri Sagoy 2020 Sydsvenskan, Carolina Söderholm * IFÖ Art Center 2018 Kristianstad Bladet, Sigrid Nurbo * Galleri Sagoy 2017 Sydsvenskan, Thomas Millroth * Galleri Tegen2 2016 Tidningen Kulturen, Thomas Notini * Konstepidemin 2015 Lena Torquato Lidén, Tidningen Kulturen * Galleri Studio Abate 2015 FLUX Magazine (ITA) * Galleri Lilith Waltenberg 2014 Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Thomas Millroth / Tidningen Kulturen, Fredrik Månsson * Galleri Lilith Waltenberg 2010 Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Carolina Söderberg / Tidningen Kulturen, Sofia Landström * Galleri Tegen2 2010 Tidningen Kulturen, Katia Miroff * Sjöbo konsthall 2008 Skånska Dagbladet, Torbjörn Wester / Ystads Allehanda, Leif Möller * Galleri Gamla Väster 2008 Sydsvenskan, Tor Billgren / skånska Dagbladet, Arne Zaring * Galleri Gamla Väster 2007 Sydsvenskan, Tor Billgren / skånska Dagbladet, Britte Montigny * Osby konstgalleri 2005 Norra Skåne, Diana Ledin 

Represented in  *Artists books from a Swedish point of view with special with special attention paid to the contributions of Denmark and GDR (Thomas Millroth, 2021) *Art Magazine Konstperspektiv, no3 (2017) *Kultur Magazine TEKET, no2 (2015)  *TV4 Sydnytt juni 2013  *CITY 2010 *Cora Kultur Magazine, no2 2010  *Rotterdams Dagblad 2009  *”På Idas Linje”, Dygnet Runt 2007

2009 BA in Fine Art at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 

2004-05 The Nordic Art School, Finland

2003-04 Kristianstad Art School, Sweden

2003 BA in Art History and Philosophy at Lund University, Sweden


Also writes reviews and other texts about art for various magazines.


Born in Stockholm 1979. Based in Malmö.

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“Ida Thunström’s art is characterized by perceived nonsense, automatic script, quotes and codes. Sometimes seemingly closed and intrinsic, it opens up more and more for every minute you spend with each labyrinthine piece. Her artistic practice is an attempt to express a continuous now by recommencing in what is constantly ongoing. Her minimalistic technique and predilection for the grayscale is a conscious limitation, which is echoed in a monotonous, almost chanting vocabulary.” Guido Zeccola, writer and journalist