I have previously been working mostly with walldrawings/ collages and installations that in a very direct manner comment on the space.

However, lately I have been looking for a way to create a space that is born and keeps living inside its own defined frames. A book (or a magazine) refers to a room that does not reach out into the common space, but makes up an abstract space and its own story.


I photograph and rework my drawings and texts, print them, rip them up and rework them again, creating a kind of ecosystem where the characteristics of the different kinds of papers become an important part of the metaphors that make up the story.

I constantly sample sentences and images from my previous works.

It’s quite a lot about investigating borders between inside and outside, for body and mind, common and personal reality, what we can touch and not. All which I find to be foundational aspects of the concept of space.


These two spreads are extracts from a bigger (ongoing) project called ‘The Marching of Lizards’, that today consists of about 50 pages.

Elements borrowed from natures system of growth all work together to create a non-linear kind of story about borders and limits and the constant process of metamorphosis.